The biggest opportunity for dealers to increase market share resides in the CRM — dealers need the ability to automate communications based on equity or declined service triggers.

The good news for VinSolutions' clients is that big data analytic tools have been integrated into Connect CRM to allow one-to-one personalized, relevant and accurate communications. Preset business rules or a proactive desk manager's actions reliably trigger automated communications from TargetPro. Create and manage campaigns, or let VinSolutions' Account Managers do it for you with TargetPro+. Dealers need smarter tools to build relationships by engaging their sales and service customers. Learn why TargetPro can be a perfect fit for your dealership.

  • CRM Integration: TargetPro is built seamless into Connect CRM. Create and launch campaigns without switching platforms.
  • Review Opportunities: Build custom segments or use out-of-the-box dashboards that highlight your most profitable customer groups
  • Empower your Service Drive: Increase customer retention and grow profits by transforming your service lane into a sales channel
  • Generate Customized Offers: Every offer is unique and based off the customer's equity and best available incentives

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